Thursday, 5 May 2011


Yesterday, my friend Susan sent me a message asking for my delicious Spanish omelet recipe. So I thought in sharing with you because it is very popular in UK, all my friends always ask me to cook it, especially for parties... WHAT AN HONOR!

Ingredients (Per 4-6 people):
- 3/4 big potatoes = 1Kg aprox. (peeled and sliced, not too thin, like 0.5cm thick)
- 1 big onion (peeled and sliced)
-  4/5 eggs (whisked)
- salt, black pepper and olive oil

How-to do it:
1. In a big pan (27-28 cms diameter and 5cm depth) put some olive oil (2cm of 5) and heat it.
2. Meanwhile the oil is getting hot, peel and slice the potatoes and the onions apart from one to another.
3. When the oil is hot, add the potatoes (not yet the onions) and cook them in medium fire, they need to be cook but to fried. For cook, i mean get soft and golden brown, not crispy as when you do fries.
4. After some minutes (5min maybe) add the sliced onion to the potatoes and cooked them together. The onions are added after because they cook faster.

 5. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs in a big bowl and when the potatoes+onions are soft (but not too soft), switch off the fire and take them from the frying pan with a slotted spoon draining the oil and add them to the eggs. Mix all the ingredients together with a fork and seasoned (salt, pepper).

 6. Come back to the pan and put the oil (still hot) in another bowl until it colds down, leaving a remaining trace in the pan. Switch on the fire again, high.

7.  Add the mixture to the pan, helping to shape the omelet in a round perfect shape.
* This time I used a small pan to make a couple of omelets (divided the total mixture in two), one for us, one for Renay, my Yoga teacher, as she has been very kind to me lately. You can either use a big pan or small, as you need.

8. Time to time, shake the pan to see if the mixture more easily (non sticking pan are really a MUST).
9. After some minutes (5-7) turn the omelet wit the help of a flat plate (this should be slightly smaller than the diameter pan).
I normally take the pan aside from the fire and go over the sink, so if there is any drop of oil, mix, will fall there.
10. Place the plate over the mixture and turn the pan holding tight the plate. Then carefully put the omelet back to the frying pan and cook for some other minutes.
You can test if it is cook, by introducing a clean knife into the omelet when it is cooking in the pan, if come backs clean, it is done!!

PD. Supongo que no hace falta que lo traduzca al espaƱol ;)


  1. Orietta from VT6 May 2011 at 08:40

    oh this I will have to try! Dave will probably adopt it for breakfast..... mmmhh actually I am not sure I want this to happen ha ha ha i have enough trouble dealing with hash brown and eggs in the early morning!! :-DDD

  2. Some Spaniards and me sometimes, cooked it the day before and have it for breakfast or as a "tapa" on top of a slice of bread, in many bars in Spain! ;)